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HDM+EX 1/100 Sniper Rifle w/ Optional Hand Set [EX-03]

$14.95 - $17.95
HDM+EX 1/100 Sniper Rifle w/ Optional Hand Set [EX-03]

A gnarly in scale sniper rifle perfect for 1/100 Gundam model kits or similiarly sized mecha. Comes in a boxset alone or with specially sculpted EX-01R 'Kaku' (Square Type) Hands that are 100% compatible with this release; including a special peg on the palm and left-handed fist to match.

EX-03 includes a healthy amount of parts to make painting a breeze, and comes together in a snap! Extra parts are included for display and diorama options, like a remove-able magazine, and extra bullets (just trim them and you'll have some spent casings to place on your diorama or display)

-18x Sniper Rifle Parts
-1x Rail System (Optional, and needs to be glued)
-4x 1/100 Bullets w/ Casing
+Option Set
-1x Trigger Finger Hand [Right]
-1x Fist [Left]

Unpainted and unassembled model. Glue recommended for final assembly if fit is loose.

HDM+EX Is a new subline of HDM for product with something 'extra'. Main criteria are items with an extended development time, increased parts count compared to it's peers, or are subject to a limited release window.