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Q: What is HDM? And what Is HDM+EX?

A: HDM or Hi-Definition Model is our line of detail up parts! Made specifically for a large range of Sci-Fi model kits and figures. While Inspired by B-Club's own HDM lineup, our products in this line aren't designed for one specific franchise in mind outside of popular scales and sizes used for buyer's convenience.

HDM+EX is a new sub-line, home to the very best HDM product. More parts, more options, or longer development times; +EX is where the definitive releases go! These can include any item I would normally sell under HDM but have too many special qualities or quirks to be normal release, or are related to past +EX releases.

Outside of HDM I release items just under my MCMS umbrella! These products still get a ton of love but are more tailored towards certain franchises or specific model kits.

Q: I see some items are "Made To Order" but they are in stock? So they aren't in stock?

A: Most items in our shop are made on demand due to the nature of 3D Printing, sometimes we may have some pre-made stock on hand but for the most part we keep 0 stock and they are generated per order!

Stickers, Resin Cast Kits, etc have limited stock, and are not guaranteed to return once sold out.

Q: How long will it take for my order to arrive?

A: 3D Printed goods can take 1-3 days to fulfill depending on congestion and order size.

Most orders in the domestic United States will take approximately 3-5 days to arrive after shipping, with international order delivery estimates varying from country to country.

Q: Can I return a product I am unhappy with?

A: We do not usually accept returns or trades on undamaged items. However If you received a defective item you may be eligible for a replacement or refund.

Any problems with your order will need to be resolved using our Contact page. We would be happy to help!

Q: Is this compatible with my...

A: Compatibility is not guaranteed, most of our products are designed to suit a wide range of existing model kits and toys but there is no way to test for every use case. Advanced modeling skills may be needed.

Q: Do your 3D Printed products need the same prep routine as resin cast models?

A: Our 3D products do not require degreasing, but a wash with soap and water or mild degreaser may promote paint adhesion just like cleaning any other type of plastic would.

Like any fully resin cast model, dust from the UV Resin used in resin printing is harmful. Please wear a mask when sanding!
Q: Can I request an item you have in a different size or purchase additional parts?
A: Yes! We do take custom requests for a ton of items we offer: different sized manipulators, mirrored pieces, etc. They will need to be sorted out by our Contact page. Additional compensation may be required in certain cases.

Newly sculpted or designed pieces will need to be commissioned.

Q:  Can I commission an original piece to be printed or for my personal use? Maybe even a finished model kit?

A: Commissions are currently [Open]! We'll try to have an official page or listings just for commissioned projects in the future.

Design work can be long and time consuming. We sometimes try to subsidize commission prices by retaining some rights to your commission for future sales. Please keep this in mind when commissioning items to print at home or to keep for personal use only.