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HDM Claw Type Hands [HM-03] Ver. 2

$9.95 - $11.95
HDM Claw Type Hands [HM-03] Ver. 2

Original Claw Type Mecha Hands for HG and MG models from Mobile Suit Gundam or similarly sized mecha model kits. Includes 2 different hand poses for both left & right hands.

Claw Type has been reborn as Ver. 2! Using a remix of the sculpt from the original release, it has been redesigned as more feral version with a completely new back armor piece. All 5 fingers sport an updated oversized appearance with a new design for the joints, ensuring that this release is more stable and stands up in play.

Available in 2 different sizes meant to suit a wide range of HG and MG Gundam Models. Both are intentionally oversized for their scale for a monstrous look!
S: 10mm Wide Palm, 3.5mm Diameter Ball Joint
L: 15mm Wide Palm, 4mm Diameter Ball Joint

-2x Open "Wild" Hands
-2x Holding Hands [Separate Thumb]
-4x Hand Backings[Left&Right]

Fists are absent from this release due to the unorthodox design of the hands, please use the Open Hands for resting standing poses.

Unpainted and unassembled model. Glue recommended for final assembly.