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HDM+EX Maru (Round Type) Hands Option Set A [EX-02]

$7.95 USD - $13.95 USD

Round Type Mecha Hands for HG and MG Zeonic type models from Mobile Suit Gundam or similarly sized mecha model kits.

A simple round finger design, perfect for fitting a wide arrange of mecha model kits and blending in without issue no matter what the scale. A modern interpretation of the classic old school hand and simple design elements will set this apart from other entries.

-2x Fists
-1x Trigger Finger Hand [Right]
-1x Open Hand [Left]
-4x Hand Backings
-4x 4mm Ball Joint Adapters.
-4x 3mm Ball Joint Adapters
-4x 3.5mm Ball Joint Adapters

M: 9.5mm Wide Palm
XL: 13mm Wide Palm
2XL: 14.5mm Wide Palm

Unpainted and unassembled model. Glue recommended for final assembly if fit is loose.

HDM+EX are the premium products of HDM! Always evolving to suit your needs and tastes.