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HDM 1/100 Modular Bazooka [WA-12]

$11.95 USD - $15.95 USD

Weapons & Accessories for mecha model kits: Gundam, 30MM, Frame Arms, and more.

This two-in-one 16cm long weapon is the epitome of firepower! Build this model kit in either a new or old school styling to suit your tastes, or come up with a whole new style by mixing and matching parts. See what you can come up with by re-arranging parts to create new accessories for your model kits.

Available in a Lite packaging omitting the top loading Style B parts. 3mm ports are provided for customization, including pegs and 2.5mm square peg compatible with popular 1/100 scale models.

Compatible with WA-01, WA-02, WA-03, and WA-08; of-course including other 1/100 accessories that support 3mm peg connections. Also available in 1/144 scale as WA-13!

Some sub-assemblies include multiple parts for ease of painting.
-2x Tubes
-1x Body
-1x Handle
-3x 3mm to 3mm Peg
-1x 3mm To 2.5mm Square Peg
-1x Tube To Tube Adapter
+Style A (Included in Lite & Standard)
-1x Barrel A
-3x Back Parts A
+Style B (Included in Standard)
-1x Barrel B
-2x Back Parts B
-1x Scope

Some parts feature a push-fit for swapping between parts, while some sub-assemblies may require glue for final assembly.

Unpainted and unassembled model.