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HDM 1/100 Pistol Set [WA-04]

$9.95 USD - $15.95 USD

Weapons & Accessories for mecha model kits, gunpla, Frame Arms, etc.

Add this 1/100 scale pistol to your arsenal today and equip it with an attached rail system, tactical sight, and large suppressor. Can be assembled without accessories and includes keyed handle to fit articulated hands and custom pegs.

Glue is required for attaching rail. Grip w/ extended magazine are single piece.

Pieces (Single Set):
-1x Pistol Grip
-1x Pistol Body
-1x Suppressor
-1x Tactical Rail
-1x Targeting System

Available in a set of dual pistols at a discount.
Unpainted and unassembled model. Glue recommended for final assembly.

Another perfect addition for your plamo arsenal.

[Some Pieces may come loose in packaging]