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HDM Shoulder Cannons [WA-14]

$7.95 USD - $11.95 USD

Weapons & Accessories for mecha model kits: Gundam, 30MM, Frame Arms, and more.

Equip your favorite mecha with these twin cannons! Included moveable arm parts and 3mm adapter parts make modifying your model kits easy, just add 3mm holes to where you want to equip, or use included ports on select model kit lines.

All parts including the barrels themselves attach using 3mm pegs in both sizes, making adding these parts onto existing HDM sets easy or for use in kit-bashing. Add onto the hips, shoulders, or even feet for a different style.

Compatible with any WA set that makes use of 3mm ports. Add onto the sides of WA-01, WA-12 or WA-13 using the included 3mm to 3mm peg adapter for increased firepower! (May require drilling and modification).

-2x Cannon Body
-2x Cannon Barrel
-2x Moveable Arm [Short]
-2x Moveable Arm [Long]
-2x 90 Degree Adapter
-2x 3mm to 3mm Peg
-2x 3mm Port Plug

Unpainted and unassembled model.

Another perfect addition for your plamo arsenal.