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HDM Spike Set [DU-09]

$5.95 USD

Detail up sheet for mecha model kits, gunpla, Frame Arms, etc.

Includes two option parts for creating modular spikes. Enough to create 6-12 total spikes based off of size, and 3-6 full spike parts with the extended base part. Compatible with DU-10.

Pieces (S):
-6x Spike Cover
-6x Spike
-6x Spike Base
Pieces (L):
-3x Spike Cover
-3x Spike
-3x Spike Base

S: 5.5mm diameter at the base. Sized for High Grade Zeon model kits, but can easily be used for anything you can imagine. Flat bottom sculpt makes it easy to drill and glue spikes onto any surface.
L:9.5mm diameter at the base. Sized specifically with the Master Grade Zaku II 2.0 model kits in mind for increased compatibility, but can be used for any model kit or purpose.

Advanced modeling skills may be required, glue recommended for final assembly.

Another perfect addition for your plamo arsenal.