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TR-6 [Woundwort] Torso Bust Model Kit

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3D printed garage kit, unpainted and requires assembly. For advanced users.

Woundwort is here in a stylish torso-only bust. Based on it's appearance in Advance of Zeta: The Flag of Titans, new details are added to fit it's large size and truncated appearance. The waist has been replaced with a maintenance stand and inner frame, which acts as a secure base for the partial Primrose II and TR-6 unit, and the arm joints are capped off to keep the silhouette slim and tidy.

Assembly is done using keys with a loose fit, with some parts requiring a select order to lock in. Glue is still required for a secure fit. Most parts are separated for ease of painting and detail, but need the modeler to bring out details in color. Crisp and chunky details should make masking a breeze!

-19 pieces for head
-25 pieces for torso and base
-44 total essential pieces
-Instruction manual

Some surplus parts are included for certain small and easy to lose pieces.

Width: 2.5in

Officially Non-Scale.

Unpainted and unassembled model. Requires careful sanding and processing for a perfect finish! Always wear a mask when sanding. Glue is required for final assembly.

[This is a large made to order item, fulfillment time may be longer than other MCMS products. Estimate: 1-3 Weeks due to high demand]