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HDM D-Type Hands Option Set A [HM-04]

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Hands & Manipulators for mecha model kits: Gundam, 30MM, Frame Arms, and more.

Stocky D Type hands perfect for upgrading Super Deformed model kits of all types! This set of 4 hands will give your kits the closed fist they deserve. With a separate backing piece for easier color correction, the design is simple to better blend in with any design you'd like.

Set A Includes some essential style hands for any detail up job.

Please check compatibility before purchase. May not be compatible with older SD model kits, Kotobukiya D-Style, SD ExCreR, etc without modification.

BB: Standard size designed to be compatible with regular BB Senshi, BB Legends, and SD-EX Standard model kits. Has a 5mm diameter ball joint.
CS: Larger size designed to be compatible with SD-CS model kits. Has a 4mm diameter ball joint.

-2x Fists
-2x Open Hands
-4x Backing

Unpainted and unassembled model. Glue recommended for final assembly.