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HDM 1/144 Dual Katanas [WA-16]

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Weapons & Accessories for mecha model kits: Gundam, 30MM, Frame Arms, and more.

These curved blades are ready for battle! The sheathes can be combined or used separately, designed with tactical styling for a futuristic take on these ancient tools of war. Crisp sculpting also ensures these will be easy to put together and paint despite the small parts count.

These can be mounted on any compatible 3mm port, or drill your own to open up even more possibilities. Both sheathes can be mounted separately or combined into one unit to store both swords at once using the same connection.

The longest blade measures over 7cm long, making for an impressively sized weapon for smaller model kits and figures.

-1x Long Sword [7cm Long Blade]
-1x Short Sword [5cm Long Blade]
-2x Long Sheath Parts
-2x Short Sheath Parts
-1x Long Sword Sheath Adapter
-1x Short Sword Sheath Adapter
-2x 3mm to 3mm Peg

Unpainted and unassembled model.

Another perfect addition for your plamo arsenal.

[Some Pieces may come loose in packaging]