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HDM+EX 1/144 Sniper Rifle Set [EX-04]

$11.95 USD

A powerful looking small scale Sniper Rifle for 1/144 Gundam model kits or similiarly sized mecha. Comes in a boxset with specially sculpted EX-01 'Kaku' (Square Type) Hands that are 100% compatible with this release; including a special peg on the palm and an additional left-handed fist to match.

Downsized from EX-03 for 1/144 scale with newly added details, EX-04 still includes a healthy amount of parts to make painting and assembly a breeze in this new scale. A remove-able magazine with hidden sculpted detail, and the fold out legs allow you to display this item in unique ways just like it's larger 1/100 brethren.

-8x Sniper Rifle Parts
-1x Trigger Finger Hand [Right]
-1x Fist [Left]

Unpainted and unassembled model. Glue recommended for final assembly if fit is loose.

HDM+EX are the premium products of HDM! Always evolving to suit your needs and tastes.