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HDM 1/100 Modular Rifle [WA-06]

HDM 1/100 Modular Rifle [WA-06]

Weapons & Accessories for mecha model kits, gunpla, Frame Arms, etc.

This 1/100 scale weapon kit can convert from beam rifle to projectile using SMG using swappable parts. Build it to suit your model's needs and customize it further with a suppressor addon and a handle that has a dual role as a magazine.

Some sub-sections include additionally separated for easier painting and customization and may need to be glued during final assembly. 10 parts are included!

Some pieces separated for ease of painting.
4x Main Parts For Body
1x Magazine
2x Rifle Parts
3x SMG Parts

Unpainted and unassembled model. Glue recommended for final assembly.

Another perfect addition for your plamo arsenal.

[Some Pieces may come loose in packaging]