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HDM+EX Kaku (Square Type) Hands Append Set [EX-01]

$5.95 - $7.95
HDM+EX Kaku (Square Type) Hands Append Set [EX-01]

Square Type Mecha Hands for HG and MG Federation type models from Mobile Suit Gundam or similarly sized mecha model kits.

A simple squared finger design, perfect for fitting a wide arrange of mecha model kits and blending in without issue no matter what the scale. Sharp sculpting and design elements will set this apart from other entries.

This is an Append set for EX-01. Upgrade your square finger hands with a new backing style and angled ball joints which allow for a wider range of motion for gun and saber holding hands. This set includes enough parts for a full set of 4 hands!

-4x Hand Backings [Left and Right]
-4x 4mm Bent Ball Joint Adapters.
-4x 3.5mm Bent Ball Joint Adapters

S: 8mm Wide Palm
M: 9.5mm Wide Palm
L: 11mm Wide Palm
XL: 13mm Wide Palm

Unpainted and unassembled model. Glue recommended for final assembly if fit is loose.

HDM+EX Is a new subline of HDM for product with something 'extra'. Main criteria are items with an extended development time, increased parts count compared to it's peers, or are subject to a limited release window.